Do I need a building permit for my project?

Yes. All buildings erected within the city limits of Farmington must be permitted. 

Buildings may not be placed over utility easements, in rights-of-ways or over the building line. 

Building permits and inspections are required for New commercial construction, public or private additions, renovations, New residential construction, Additions, Renovations. 

This includes the following common projects: Installing an antenna, Cell Towers, Storage sheds, Decks, Installing Patio Covers and Porch Covers, Siding, Swimming pools, Arbors Room, additions, Enclosing patios, Enclosing garages, Demolition of Buildings, Demolition of interior walls, Installation of signs, fence or wall, driveways, sidewalk, flatwork, playhouse, roof, windows and doors, etc. 

Permit applications may be obtained by visiting Community Development - Building Inspection Division. 

The office is located south of the City Hall, in the Annex Building on the 2nd floor.

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