Nature's Proving Ground

Student working at The Big Idea at San Juan CollegeWhen it comes to owning and operating an outdoor recreation business, whether a guide, outfitter or gear manufacturer, there is no better place than Farmington, NM. That’s why Farmington is Nature’s Proving Ground.

With a community mindset to assist our outdoor recreation businesses to succeed while offering substantial business resources and manufacturing capacity, Farmington welcomes outdoor entrepreneurs looking to start their next “big idea” venture or established companies seeking to expand or relocate in a place with a quality of life second to none. With an abundance of natural amenities right in our backyard, Farmington is the perfect place for outdoor entrepreneurs to build and test most outdoor gear.

Farmington is Nature’s Proving Ground for non-outdoor recreation businesses looking to thrive as well. We welcome service-based companies, retirees on a quest to start their dream businesses, emerging farmers and ranchers, and companies needing light manufacturing.

Reach out to the director of ORII & economic development, Warren Unsicker, to learn more about Farmington’s outdoor economy and how he can assist outdoor businesses to succeed. Also learn more about doing business in Farmington and available assistance. Warren can be reached at or (505) 599-1116.

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Farmington Brochures

Farmington is a great place to work for outdoor lovers and active families. These brochures provide insight into working in the community.

Browse through the searchable version of the Where Outdoor Lovers and Active Families Thrive below or download the printable versions here.

Browse through the searchable version of the Farmington Relocation Guide or download the printable versions here.