Walk a Shelter Dog


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Dog walking at the Farmington Regional Animal Shelter is a chance to enrich the life of a shelter dog while enjoying the outdoors and the beauty of the Farmington river trails. Dog walking can be done any time we are open to the public from 11:30 to 5:30 p.m.

How to join the Walk a Shelter Dog program:
NOTE: All dog walkers must register or reregister starting May 9, 2022, even if you have participated in the program in the past.

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to walk the shelter dogs. 
    • Children are welcome to come along but the adult must have control of the leash at all times. 
  2. Fill out the Walk a Shelter Dog Agreement HERE.
  3. Sign the liability waiver. Download it HERE and bring to the shelter or sign it onsite on your first day.
  4. Watch both of these videos and read about the color-code system so you will be prepared:
  5. Bring your valid ID so we can make a copy (if not attached to the e-form above) and then you are eligible to walk dogs.

Color Code System:

Once you are signed up as a dog walker use the color-code system to help pick a dog that you can harness and walk.

Each color represents the ease or difficulty of harnessing and walking each dog. Please be aware of your comfort level when choosing a dog to walk.
• Green - dog is usually easy to harness and walk
• Blue - dog may be a little jumpy and excited
• Yellow - dog is more difficult to harness and may pull on walks
Dogs with "Experienced Dog Walkers ONLY" are only allowed to be walked by staff and fully registered volunteers.

Our dog walkers are only eligible for dog walking. To be a full volunteer please visit the volunteer page.