In the City of Farmington's Comprehensive Plan, the


for our City is:

“Farmington is the progressive, vibrant, scenic, and safe—Center of the Four Corners area that builds bridges among the people it serves, values the environment it occupies, as well as, the history it has, and the hope it offers.” 

This is a great vision for our community, one that we strive to uphold with each decision we make as a municipality.  All employees and volunteers of the City of Farmington are working towards this vision by staying true to our

Employee Team Mission


Working TOGETHER to Make Farmington GREAT!

Our mission is strengthened by our guiding principles, or core values.  We call these "Farmington 3-S"

We will create a safe and welcoming environment for ourselves, fellow employees, volunteers, and citizens.

We will be friendly, respectful, and exceed customer expectations!


We will work hard with integrity and effectively manage our resources.