Records & Evidence

The Records Division is the central repository for all police generated reports. The Property and Evidence Division is the designated storage facility for all seized, found and safe-keeping items turned in by an officer.

The Records counter is located in the police lobby, to your left upon entering the double glass doors. The Property and Evidence counter is located in the police lobby, directly straight ahead upon entering the double glass doors.
Farmington Police Department
900 Municipal Drive
Farmington, NM 87401

Requesting Records

Citizens can review the daily log, request offense reports, accident reports, video recordings, photographs, criminal background checks, and alarm registrations at the records counter.

Records personnel can facilitate your right to inspect public records Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. (closed on major holidays and weekends) or by calling (505) 599-1053.

Click here to Request Public Records.

Alarm Registration

You must complete an  Alarm Registration Form. This is required if you contract with an alarm company for locations within the Farmington city limits.

Evidence Discovery

Discovery is the process by which both the prosecution and the defense receive evidence for a case. The discovery technician processes the written request from parties which may include the District Attorney, Public Defender, Private Attorneys, and Citizens representing themselves. If you are requesting discovery complete the Evidence Discovery Form. All items must be paid in full prior to the delivery or pick-up if the requester is subject to fees. Please allow a minimum of 20 days for processing.