Tech Rescue

The Farmington Fire Department operates a Technical Rescue Team (TRT) that has 18 members. These members conduct training on a quarterly basis. Team members are trained to the Technician level (40 hour minimum) in High Angle, Swift Water, Confined Space, Radio/Transmission Tower, and Trench Rescue. The team is primarily responsible for Technical rescues within the city limits as well as responding to San Juan County and surrounding areas if requested.

The TRT works primarily out of Rescue 5 stationed at Fire Station 5. The TRT has a Shoring and Trench Rescue trailer that can be taken to scenes as needed. The TRT operates a variety of tools and equipment, including but not limited to:

  • Rescue 5 - transports Technical Rescue gear to the scene
  • Cartaraft and Aire rafts - used as a rescue platform in swift and still water rescue environments
  • Personal Watercraft - Ski-Doo Jet Ski, used to rapidly access victims in a still water environment
  • Inmar Marine 550R Rescue Boat
  • Ropes and hardware - used in all areas of Technical Rescue. Specifically to access victims in areas otherwise inaccessible.
  • Artificial High Directional - used to assist in high angle rescue environments
  • Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus - used to provide an unlimited supply of breathing air to remote locations
  • Paratech Rescue Struts - used to support damaged and weakened structural components of a building, as well as provide a safe working area in and around a trench collapse
  • Various Construction tools for shoring - hammers, palm nailers, power saws, etc. used to create a safe working environment near damaged buildings and trenches
  • Oxy-Acetylene Torch and other steel and concrete cutting tools - used to access victims in a structural collapse environment
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