The Farmington Fire Department has proudly served the City of Farmington since its first chief was hired in 1912. Since then the Department has grown and adapted with the ever growing and changing population and infrastructure of Farmington. We have grown from a small volunteer department to a full time department serving the city with 6 stations as well as a number of specialty teams.
Beginning in 1912, FFD was a full volunteer department consisting of 21 volunteer firefighters which originally operated out of city hall with a single Hand Drawn Hose Cart. That hose cart still resides in the front offices of Station one. It was not until 1924 that the Farmington Fire Department was recognized as an official department of the municipal government and purchased its first fire truck a Ford model TT. The Farmington Fire Department continued to serve the City of Farmington from City hall until 1948 when FFD’s first station was built immediately next door.
The 1950’s began a period of change and growth, both for the City of Farmington as well as the Farmington Fire Department. Farmington Fire Department remained a full volunteer department up until 1953 when the department hired its first two full-time paid firefighters who doubled as radio operators. In 1959 the Department received a new “Main Station” or Station One which still serves as Farmington Fire Departments Station One today. 1960 also saw the construction of Farmington Fire’s first Station 2, originally a sub-station. By 1966 the department had increased the number of full-time firefighters from 2 to 18.

While the 1950’s and 60’s held a lot of change for the department, the 1970’s and forward would be a time of rapid growth. Once again, the growth of the city would require a larger fire department. 1979 saw the construction of the Departments next three stations, including a new and current Station 2, Station 4, and Station 5. Farmington Fire’s current airport station, station 3, was built in 1983. By the end of the 1980’s Farmington Fire Department had phased out its volunteer positions and became fully staffed by full-time firefighters. The 1980’s also saw the formation of Farmington Fire’s Hazardous Materials Team.

Farmington Fire would continue to grow to the department that it is today throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s. During the 1990’s; Station 4 would be relocated to its current location and Farmington Fire would create its Technical Rescue Team. Farmington Fire’s third specialty team, the wild land team, was formed in 2000 and FFD’s newest station, station 6, was built in 2006.

Today, Farmington Fire continues proudly serving the city of Farmington as it has for the last 100 years.