Uncodified Ordinances

2023-1348 (PDF)Authorizing Loan & Subsidy Agreement for Water Treatment Plant project
2023-1347 (PDF)Amending a provision of the MRA Commission
2023-1346 (PDF)Amending 18-4-4 pertaining to idling, loitering or prowling
2023-1345 (PDF)Prohibiting sitting or lying down on public sidewalks or sleeping outdoors
2023-1344 (PDF)Prohibiting camping in public areas
2023-1343 (PDF)Prohibiting panhandling in certain locations
2023-1342 (PDF)FEUS Utility Improvement Bond
2023-1341 (PDF)Amending Chapter 8, Article 11 dealing with armored car services
2022-1340 (PDF)Amending Section 2-4-182 dealing with the composition of the Planning and Zoning commission
2022-1339 (PDF)Amending Section 2-2-2 of the City Code establishing the salaries of the Mayor and Council
2022-1338 (PDF)Amending Section 23-2-7 of the City Code establishing residential and commercial charges for sanitation service
2022-1337 (PDF) Amending sections of city code regarding campaign financing
2022-1336 (PDF) Amending certain sections of the UDC regarding cannabis
2022-1335 (PDF)Amending sections of the UDC and the flood plain regulations 
2022-1334 (PDF)Approving new water and wastewater rates 
2022-1333 (PDF) Authorizing GRT Bonds for Municipal Golf Course Facilities