Long Range Planning


Long Range Planning focuses on working with other City staff and stakeholders in the community to achieve the goals outlined in the Comprehensive Plan. Staff works to pro-actively develop and implement Farmington's long-term vision, values, goals, and policies to help guide the physical, social, and economic aspects of the City. Many of the plans and projects may take several years to fully implement, as many as 15 or 25 years. 

Citywide Reports/Studies


2022 Farmington Housing Snapshot


2040 Future Land Use Plan Presentation

Farmington 2040 Comprehensive Plan  Updates

Action Item / GoalUpdate
3.23 Develop GIS maps identifying wildland/urban interface areas within the City boundaries and projected growth areasThe Wildland Urban Interface (WUI) map outlines high and low to moderate vegetative areas within and around Farmington. A WUI webpage has been put together to educate residents on wildfires as well as how to mitigate the risks associated. 
WUI Webpage Link
1.1 Update code to promote the uniform construction and infill development of a variety of housing options. 

1.5 Promote attainable, accessible, and quality housing that meets he needs of residents.
1.6 Continue the development of strategies for affordable and workforce housing. 
The Farmington Housing Snapshot has been assembled to provide an overview of the Farmington housing market with specific attention regarding the availability and affordability of housing.  
Farmington Housing Snapshot PDF
The study is utilized as a tool to monitor the availability and affordability of housing in Farmington as the city works to accomplish the goals of the Comprehensive Plan.