Metropolitan Redevelopment Area

                                                MRA District

New Mexico State Statute empowers municipalities to establish “Metropolitan Redevelopment Areas” in downtown areas suffering from blight, physical and economic deterioration, and/ or facility underutilization. The statute grants municipal bodies the ability to implement certain activities within these areas that can stimulate economic development, including: 

  • Land and building acquisition                         
  • Adaptive reuse or demolition 
  • Rezoning and modification of zoning regulations 
  • Transportation improvements
  • Cultural and community facilities 
  • Housing Projects
Planning for downtown redevelopment in Farmington began with the Farmington Comprehensive Plan of 2002, which included policies supporting the designation of a Metropolitan Redevelopment Area in downtown Farmington.                                

In 2005, the City of Farmington adopted a Downtown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Designation Report. The report designated a 616.4-acre area of downtown Farmington, originally identified in the City’s 2002 Comprehensive Plan, as blighted. In 2009, the Farmington City Council adopted the Farmington Downtown Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan. That plan laid the groundwork for much of the progress that has already been accomplished in the downtown, as well as significant upcoming projects. Subsequently, in 2018 the City of Farmington contracted with Architectural Research Consultants, Incorporated (ARC) to update the Metropolitan Redevelopment Area (MRA) Plan for the City of Farmington. ARC subcontracted with Economic & Planning Systems, Inc. (EPS) to develop the market analysis, assist with developing catalytic projects and identify funding sources. This document builds upon and updates the original Metropolitan Redevelopment Area Plan published in 2009.  Below is the culmination of this timely update which details the vision for the MRA and its various sub-districts, including the Historic Downtown, the Animas Area, the Healthcare HUB, and the Civic Center Neighborhood. 

To view the full 2019 Updated MRA Plan and learn more about the vision, goals, and growth opportunities in the area, you can Click Here to download it. 

Several catalytic projects have already been completed in these areas, including, but not limited to:

Historic Downtown:

  • $12 million Complete Streets revitalization
  • Over 16 new businesses attracted to the area
  • Additional blight removal along Arrington St.

Animas District:

  • Demolition of a blighted petroleum complex
  • Creation of a Outdoor Recreation Incubator with 2 new businesses
  • Partnered with San Juan College to create the Harvest Food Hub and Kitchen
Civic Center Neighborhood:
  • $10 million Civic Center renovation                           

Healthcare Hub:

  • Removal of blighted Anasazi Inn
  • Construction of Three Rivers Estates retirement and elder care facility
Many of these projects were assisted through the "MRA Incentive Program", which allows the City to form public/private partnerships to catalyze growth, jobs, and investment in the MRA. For more details and to apply for these incentive programs, Click Here. Applications can be submitted electronically to